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"Success depends more on Attitude rather than Talent " - says Rajesh Aggarwal who is the founder of Rebirth Academy. He is also known as Motivational Speaker & Success Coach. His more than 180 inspirational videos are watched in more than 172 countries through his YouTube channel. Business Today magazine has referred him as Dr. Destiny. Rajesh Aggarwal is working in the field of Attitude Transformation & Skill development since 1994. He conducts seminar & workshops on "Change Mind - Change Life". Rajesh Aggarwal firmly believes that unless the person allows himself/herself to create a new mind , positive transformation is tough . Every year people from almost all walks of life including Public Sectors, Private organizations & Educational Institutions keep inviting Rajesh Aggarwal to share his ideas on Personal & Professional Excellence. He speaks three languages : Hindi, Bangla & English. His program methodology is based on extensive reading on human behavior, interaction with people, participating in self-development programs and his own life journey as a courier pick up boy to Sr. Manager, Director , Trainer & finally, Entrepreneur, Author, and Coach. Rajesh has written two books and produced one audio cd. He lives in New Delhi with his family.

My Mentors & Gurus

People often ask me who are my mentors from whom I learnt and groomed myself. Here are the names and little details about my experiences. To begin with my first breakthrough towards personal development came by reading the books of Swami Vivekananda. He is a crusader. I remember when at the age of 13, I first read his books it gave me a new mental direction. Next in my life came Osho. I was too young when Osho's books came in my life. Initially it was a shocker to me as it completely takes different route what I learnt till then but slowly as I started understanding I realized that one can live a happy life without any competition. The journey which I began with Osho still continuing and it has brought me to a stage where I can really experience happiness and success together. At the age of 19, I had an opportunity to attend a live workshop of a Motivational Trainer, Mr. Asit Ghosh. This was first live training in my life which totally threw me in a different world. My association with him lasted for many years. In fact he has played a major role in shaping me as a Motivational Trainer. Many times his cruel behavior was not acceptable but today I am reaping the benefits. Mr. Aporesh Acharya, another powerful Motivational Speaker & Trainer. Mr. Acharya is the first Indian Trainer who not only graduated from Dale Carnegie Leadership course, USA but also became an Instructor there. I had a chance to attend his 4 day workshop and his explanation about trained mind and untrained mind has changed my life. Dr. Robert Shuller's and Norman Vincent Peale's Books inculcated the concept of faith. I had a chance to attend the live seminar of Dr. Stephen Covey, Brian Tracy, Deepak Chopra, Edward-de-bono, Howard Gardener and Mr. Shiv Khera. All of them took me to new level of awareness. Tapes and books of Tony Robbins, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Zig Ziglar and Naepolian Hill provided enough breakthrough. But Mr. Jim Rohn's video seminars were path breaking. How beautifully he delivers the concept with total authority. How can I forget Dr. Leo Buscaglia, whom I can say Father of Love. When he speaks on Love one can see Love is flowing.

So, I bow down my head to all these masters.

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3rd June 2016 Change Mind - Change Life
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5th June 2016 Change Mind - Change Life
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1​2​th June 2016 Change Mind - Change Life
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18​th June 2016 Change Mind - Change Life
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18 - 21 July 2016 ​Public Speaking, Train The Trainer, Leadership & Business Skill workshop

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